Aptar introduces PolkaLite Closure paired with SimpliCycle

By | September 19, 2021

Aptar Food & Beverage leverages two high-performance merchandise, the Polkalite, a lightweight model of Polka Closure (-1.3g), and the award-winning SimplyCycle recyclable valve, to provide producers and customers with the best range of efficiency, comfort Can you , and stability in one stop that is dependable through the product life cycle.

Achieve sustainable goals

The Polkalite is a recyclable closure* designed to use very little raw supplies. As a result, not only does it help manufacturers comply with packaging laws and undoubtedly receive eco-tax exemptions, but it also appeals to environmentally conscious customers who are dedicated to using reusable products. .

PolkaLite, when combined with SimplyCycle, has an allocation resolution that is reusable at the end of use without compromising efficiency. SimpliCycle recently awarded the largest CSR/sustainability initiative at the World Meal Innovation Award ceremony in March 2021, which is well separated from the PET recycling stream, and can be recycled with PE and PP.

Polkalite is designed to provide increased capping efficiency due to its optimum thread profile and strong exterior form with very little brevity. Shoppers also benefit from a sturdier hinge and advanced finger rest for a smoother grip, as well as the domed physique deck and low spout to avoid self-opening.

Simplycycle valve dimension (.500″) allows use for chunks and thickened sauces, pastes and other components. When used with acid-, oil- and fat-based goods, the valve piece remains stationary , making it ready for use in reverse allocation programs, and reducing the risk of leakage.

Aptar 2-in-1 resolution is easy for customers

This ready-to-use resolution is simple for producers to deploy. Additionally, by becoming a separate food product, even with crumbs or with high levels of viscosity, Polkalite mixed with SimplyCycle is easy to scale and helps with productive growth in an e-commerce environment**.

Also easy to open and close, the Aptar 2-in-1 resolution also allows customers to deliver accurate product dosing in a timely manner. In addition, a clear cut-off and tight valve minimize strings, spurts and drops. Plus, a smooth and straight circuit reduces the chances of leaks; Overall, in a way more clean and providing good expertise.

PolkaLite and SimpliCycle, a 2-in-1 resolution with added value for a better and recyclable closure option.

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