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Reading Plus Named SIIA Education Technology 2021 CODiE

Studying Plus, an evidence-based online program that uses customized instruction to enhance college students’ study proficiency, is a SIIA CODiE Award finalist within the Greatest Scholar Studying Capability-Constructing Answer class. The CODiE Awards, created by the Software Programs and Data Business Affiliation (SIIA), acknowledges the objectives, merchandise and companies of builders of instructional software programs,… Read More »

Science agencies must bite innovation bullet

In January’s State of the Union address, President Barack Obama said the United States had reached “the Sputnik moment of our generation”, and placed science and innovation at the center of his policy agenda to respond to international competition. Amid extraordinary budget pressures, he has called for a US$7 billion (11.6%) increase in government spending… Read More »

Solving ‘barren plateaus’ is the key to quantum machine learning

Many machine learning algorithms on quantum computers suffer from a dangerous “barren plateau” of uncertainty, where they run into dead ends on optimization problems. This challenge was relatively unstable until now. Rigorous theoretical work has established theorems that guarantee that a given machine learning algorithm will work as it works on large computers. “The work… Read More »

How brilliant drawing apps for iPad help you get arty on-the-go

Being the best drawing app for iPad means that you are a digital art wizard. Turning their tablet into the perfect portable art studio, they team up with Apple Pencil’s impressive capabilities, meaning you’ll have everything you need for digital drawing and painting. Apple Black Friday Deal: Best Early Amazon Prime Day Deal Artists are… Read More »

How to choose the best website builder

On one occasion, having a website means spending months to build the code yourself, or spending thousands to pay developers or web agencies to build it. Of course, those options still exist today. But now there is a third option which is faster, easier and much cheaper. In 2020, there are several platforms that allow… Read More »

How To hilarious memes for graphic designers

Nothing beats a good meme, and there are no examples that would dodge a graphic designer in a funny and often honest opinion. Because what more relationships can be formed than seeing your everyday struggles as simple, wavy pictures or GIFs? From tough customer battles in Photoshop naming schemes (of course, chasing late payments), our… Read More »

All you need to know about the next big thing

WebAR is growing as app-based AR faces the biggest hurdle. You will see that since augmented reality (AR) is a big thing, the best experience will be with apps. Think of Pokémon Go or all the working AR features that are added to brands’ apps, from ASOS to IKEA. But when these types of AR… Read More »