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Digital Twin technology a ‘powerful tool’ but requires significant

Healthcare and aerospace experts from King’s School London, The Alan Turing Institute, Cambridge College and the Odeon Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences at UT Austin in Texas have said advances in digital twin expertise make it a robust software to facilitate predictive and accurate manufactures. Enhanced decision making for drugs and aerospace technologies. His… Read More »

PAR Technology Corporation to Participate in the BTIG

PAR Know-How Company (NYSE:PAR) The world’s number one supplier of software programs, built-in technology options and integrated cloud commerce platforms for dining venues, may participate in the BTIG Restaurant Know-How Discussion Board. PAR’s administration will hold a one-on-one conference with buyers and analysts during the Digital Conference on Wednesday, May 26, 2021. Opportunities hosted by… Read More »

Take the time and effort to correct misinformation

With the election of Donald Trump, the appointment of his advisers, who are on record as rejecting scientific evidence, and the fervor of deniers on everything from climate change to vaccinations, science is on the Internet (and elsewhere). The amount of crap written about is quantified. Shine. So what are we to do as scientists?… Read More »

Reform regulations to make pet clinical trials easier

For decades, the typical veterinary response to a pet’s unbearable suffering has been the same: The beloved animal is put to sleep quietly and humanely. Yet a new trend has emerged in the past decade: in search of hope, or just a few extra months of life, owners are willing to enroll their pets in… Read More »

Researchers serve up suggestions to reduce food waste

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization are meeting this week to discuss the United Nations’ Decade of Action on Nutrition. In this issue, we publish two commentary articles that look at some of the problems. In one piece, a group of researchers stress the importance of nurturing people, not… Read More »

The top ways microservices impact EDI processes

About five years ago, IT professionals began to realize that microservices provide a better way of integrating B2B. Instead of arguing for using the electronic data exchange protocol, users can use the microsystem to build the entire supply chain or distribution like a unified flow without compromising the necessary security and compliance activities. Microservices Two… Read More »

Pair AWS with microservices deployment to meet

By combining the Microsoft Architecture and AWS tools, developers can fully support the CI / CD lifestyle without hosting their own build and deployment systems. Any development team can take advantage of tools such as CodePipeline and CodeBeal to completely eliminate the need for Agile development methods. Here’s how to configure your Microsoft for enhanced… Read More »

Combining serverless and microservices has its benefits

As new cloud service models are born, they will attract attention. When cloud service providers start presenting a form of so-called serverless, cloud computing, where you only pay for the duration of your usage, it gets customers interested. Today, there is an ever-increasing confusion as to what a wireless server is and how it relates… Read More »

How to minimize critical container vulnerabilities

Containers may contain many different elements and images. And the more components there are, the more vulnerable an attacker is likely to get. Follow these steps to keep container weaknesses to a minimum. Attack in container images reduces texture. Try removing the local debugging tool from the container image. These tools are usually highly privileged,… Read More »

How to serverless platform approaches to consider

When you decide to move to a serverless architecture, it is important to realize that this is just the beginning. Right now, there are many routes you can take, and a lot of questions to ask yourself before choosing a specific architectural approach. For example, would you choose a commercial or open source option? You… Read More »