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Kellton Tech Bags Contract to Build Innovative NFT Marketplace

The improved NFT market will create a unique consumer experience when buying, promoting and auctioning digital artifacts within the token type. NFT marketplaces are rapidly gaining traction, reaching over $2 billion in transaction volume in the last quarter. Kelton Tech will leverage its blockchain experience to build an agile and scalable NFT market that can… Read More »

Over the limit

The evidence is clear. Statistics from the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa point in the same direction: male drivers are more likely to crash their cars than women. Aggressive behavior, a tendency to break rules and a greater willingness to take risks are all believed to contribute. Taken together, male drivers are a riskier… Read More »

Four steps to precision public health

When home transmission of Zika virus was confirmed in the United States in July 2016, not the entire country was declared at risk – nor even the entire state of Florida. Instead, precise monitoring defined two at-risk areas of Miami-Dade County, with neighborhoods measuring only 2.6 and 3.9 square kilometers. Travel advisories and mosquito control… Read More »

Get water governance on the global agenda

“Human nature is like water,” wrote American poet Wallace Stevens. “It takes the shape of its container.” As political events of 2016 continue to raise questions about the size of that and how it is changing, paying attention to the water can seem daunting. So delegates gathered in Rabat, Morocco next month for the eighth… Read More »

Researchers find evidence of elusive Odderon particle

For 50 years, the research community has been an unsuccessful victim of the so-called Oderron particle. Now, a Swedish-Hungarian research group has discovered the legendary particle with the help of extensive analysis of experimental data from the Large Hadron Collider in Cern, Switzerland. In 1973, two French particle physicists discovered that, according to their calculations,… Read More »

The basics of polyglot persistence for microservices data

Current applications and related software architectures must support multiple technologies. Microservices makes this possible because this particular architectural style does not require all applications to comply with building and management regulations. But the microservices application allows you to create and manage each service independently. Whether it is programming multiple languages ​​- using multiple programming languages… Read More »

Top Best fundamental steps of managing APIs

As companies move towards micro-service based application architectures, the importance of API management continues to grow. II Management consists of a series of decision making in the execution and process of plans. The same will determine how you attack next time. There are five distinct stages for managing APIs: API design and development, API exposure,… Read More »

Open source tools to consider for your RESTful APIs

At the beginning of a RESTful API development project, software teams may be tempted to purchase expensive commercial API management tools, when open source tools can easily trick. In fact, many open-source tools are available that can assist each stage of the API life cycle and enable early API development programs at a low cost.… Read More »

Tips to help effectively manage container components

Each usable container is made up of discrete component combinations that include a base image file and at least one set of files loaded on top of the base image. This layered or packaged approach is often used in DOCTOR containers and makes it possible to share and reuse both the base image and individual… Read More »

How To address microservices issues, turn to OOP principles

The development of microservices and object-oriented programming is quite different, especially since micro-services are focused on creating independent stateless services, and OOP sees objects with a presence. Many references Although, many of the problems that organizations face with Microsoft developers are problems that developers face with OOP, the lessons learned from those developers can be… Read More »