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How to Doctor and Captain Jack Are Together Again

2021 marks the 15th anniversary of the Doctor Who spinoff series Torchwood, starring beloved disaster hero Captain Jack Harkes. To celebrate, Big Finish is putting on a new Torwood audio adventure with a big reunion. That’s right, Captain Jack is getting back with the Doctor. Not just the doctor, David Tennant’s tenth doctor. As announced… Read More »

What is Facebook’s Head of Ad Integrity Leaves Company

Facebook’s head of advertising integrity Rob Leathern has left the company, he announced in a Twitter thread on Friday. Shortly after President Donald Trump took office, Leathern came onboard and some of the more controversial advertising policies of social media veterans, including elections and misinformation, rolled out during his tenure. Leathern revealed his decision earlier… Read More »

How to build microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

In many ways, the Spring Framework’s tremendous flexibility to integrate with other powerful frameworks makes it ideal for building microsystems, particularly for using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. However, new developers often find the Spring Framework difficult to understand and complicated, in part due to the number of configurations required to run applications. Take a… Read More »

How to prepare your own container development kit

The key to getting the most out of the container ecosystem is the integration of platforms and devices from multiple sources. Providers such as Red Hat have already integrated container tools into their native ecosystems and have a container development kit (CDK) that provides support for the full development cycle and links to provide containers… Read More »

Top development tools that bridge the architect-developer gap

There are many tools and techniques to meet the architect-developer gap, but not every tool is suitable for every purpose. Some are better at strengthening the team overall, while others are more focused on individual and skill building. It is important to align collaboration tools to meet the needs of your team. Here is a… Read More »

The fundamentals of Micronaut and microservices

Designed to improve Java-based web application development, the MicroEnt Framework allows developers to easily build modular Microservices applications while building smaller, faster executable files. This pattern maintains model-view-controllers and other familiar frameworks, but is designed to meet the needs of microservices and cloud programming Micronaut capabilities are important for low-memory microseroes as well as applications… Read More »

The 2 fundamental approaches to hybrid cloud integration

There are some strategies that development teams can implement to achieve hybrid cloud integration. One strategy places the cloud as a front-end application hosting point.   Another strategy would be transforming both the data center and the cloud into a flexible resource pool, where application components run as needed.   Ultimately, both of these idea… Read More »