How to Doctor and Captain Jack Are Together Again

By | April 6, 2021

2021 marks the 15th anniversary of the Doctor Who spinoff series Torchwood, starring beloved disaster hero Captain Jack Harkes. To celebrate, Big Finish is putting on a new Torwood audio adventure with a big reunion. That’s right, Captain Jack is getting back with the Doctor.

Not just the doctor, David Tennant’s tenth doctor. As announced by Big Finish, Absent Friends will see two reunions for a new adventure. Here is a summary through Big Finish:

On a dark and stormy night in Cardiff, the city is in danger, and to save it the Doctor puts himself in charge of Torchwood.

The voices of the dead have been playing in a sealed recording studio for 17 years. Was it a madman project, or is it something terrible?

Torchwood had been a doctor hunt since 1879. They may regret it.

“Fans have been asking for this for a long time. Now that it’s okay and it’s cleaned up, it’s great to have it on board. There is an interesting dynamic going on here because Jack still wants to chase him, but still wants to impress him that he is still the leader, ”John Barrowman, the actor behind Jack Barrackens, said in a statement.

Tennant also commented, “Because this is not a doctor, which is the story, the doctor has to stay ahead of everything and save the day.” What’s interesting about this story – from the doctor’s point of view – is that he’s a mess. This is a story about the Doctor who is a bit imperfect who is actually good to see now and again. ”

The audio adventure is one of several Torchwood adventures through Big Finish’s Doctor Who line, which will be approximately 80 minutes in length. Directed by Scott Handcock, it will take place in May 2021 via Big Finish’s website.

If the doctor is good, then it is coming back in time. David Tennant is back in a new trilogy of Doctor Who audio adventures from Big Finish, which sees the return of Sophie Eldred, Louise Jameson, and many other classic Doctor Who, pieces of the Doctor’s past.

In an email press release, Big Finish announced its latest audio drama series, Doctor Who-Tenth Doctor, a classic companion. Recorded during the novel Pandemic Lockdown, the new three-part series sees Tennant’s return as the tenth doctor as he seeks “his own past best friend” – long after each of them has Taris was kicked out, which seemed to be for good.

Maybe each partner (a different form of doctor) for years was with the beloved doctor, but it seems that each of them needs his help once again. Companions include Jameson Lila, the fourth Doctor’s warrior companion; Seventh Doctor’s Companion Combined as Ace; Sarah Newton as Nyssa, a fellow for the Fourth and Fifth Doctors; And John Lesson once again voiced the robot puppy K9. Big Finish shared a glimpse at some of the actors recording from afar, as “the time we are alive.”

“It has been one of the great unexpected delights of being locked up in someone’s house for months on end, it was something I was able to do. Not only to do all these wonderful stories, but also Louise Jameson, John Appearing with people like Lesson, Sarah Sutton and Sophie Eldred, it is just such a treat. I love that returning to the show is always such a lovely thing, “Tennant said in a statement.

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